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Our extensive portfolio of business internet connections enables us to deliver a flexible and scalable service to your business, regardless of your location. And with speeds of up to 1Gbps, 99.9% SLAs and uncontended services available, we’ll provide you with a solution that meets your business’s unique requirements.

Connectivity with your business in mind

We know about connectivity. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, we’ll make sure your business gets the right sort of internet connection and the ongoing support you deserve. After all, your entire communications infrastructure starts with connectivity.

All our broadband and Ethernet connections are business-only. We don’t work with any domestic users, so our network is uncongested and always free for business internet traffic. We also provide options for managing your business’s internet connectivity to offer the highest level of reliability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Software defined WAN

Deliver routing, threat protection, efficient offloading of expensive circuits and simplified network management to your business with SDWAN.

  • Smarter connectivity
  • Optimise network performance
  • Maximum security
  • Simplified management
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Connectivity with DuoCall

Being constantly connected is no longer an optional extra for modern-day businesses. Your internet not only needs to be trustworthy and dependable, but it needs to work for your business model and operation too. That’s why we concentrate on offering reliable, flexible and cost-effective business internet access across the UK.

What should I look for when choosing business internet?

We’ve outlined the main features you’ll need to take into consideration when choosing the best internet connection for your business…

Don’t risk any unnecessary security breaches. Talk to our team abut protecting your networks.

Speed and performance can have a major impact on productivity and output. Ensure you choose an internet connection that won’t restrict your daily business operations.

How damaging would it be to your business if you lost internet access for a day? Take a look at our SLA-based connections for maximum reliability and consider a backup connection in case your primary solution fails. 

Not all business internet solutions are available everywhere in the UK. Talk to our team to find out which connectivity services are available in your location. 

We understand that your business internet solution must be affordable. However, don’t limit security, performance and reliability in favour of the cheapest option available. Ensure your connection meets all the requirements of your business. 

If you’re using a VoIP solution such as MyHosted, you’ll need an internet connection that has Quality of Service (QoS) enabled. By enabling QoS, voice traffic is prioritised on your connection, ensuring all your calls are crystal clear.

“I’d like to let all the team know that they’re doing a fantastic job! We’re very pleased at the way these [internet] transitions are being handled. The service received from everyone at DuoCall is personable and of a high quality. Top job!”

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