MyHosted | The last phone system you’ll ever need


Our MyHosted platform is built on BroadSoft, the world leader in cloud UC (Unified Communications) technology and the platform of choice for the world’s biggest telecoms carriers. By combining our MyHosted Management Portal with BroadSoft, we’re able to provide your business with the reliability, functionality and rich application sets of a PBX and the flexibility and ubiquity of IP.

MyHosted for Microsoft Teams

Call2Teams is a simple add-on that combines your MyHosted phone system with the leading unified communication and collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams. Empower your workforce with voice, video chat, instant messaging, file sharing, file storage and collaboration, all from a single shared workspace. It’s never been easier to take user productivity to the next level.

  • Integrate your MyHosted users into Microsoft Teams

  • Accessible via PC, Mac, tablet or mobile

  • Perfect solution for remote workers
  • End-to-end security, administrative control and compliance

Why choose MyHosted for your business?

MyHosted is much more than a hosted phone system. It’s a business communications service with the latest services and applications, all delivered from the cloud. Powered by our advanced management portal and combined with our leading contact centre solution, MyHosted gives you full control of your system. Bring your teams together, wherever they are; in the office, on the road or working from home.

Number flexibility

Retain your existing numbers when you move to MyHosted or choose new numbers from anywhere in the UK and almost every major town and city from around the world.

Web-based admin

In today's modern and dynamic working environment the ability to make changes in real time, 24/7, without contacting a support desk is critical to maintaining competitive advantage.

Added value

Migrating to the cloud means you only pay for the users and services you need as a recurring monthly subscription. This significantly reduces the upfront investment required and makes the telephone service a monthly operational expenditure.


With a single cloud platform supporting thousands of business customers in the UK and around the world, our hosted PBX platform is engineered to provide the greatest degree of reliability and stability.

Mobile first

Our mobile apps give users all the features they have at their desk, including “One Number” where they never display their 07 mobile number. All services are available including IM&P (Instant Messaging & Presence), hold, transfer, conference and directory lookup.

Scale gracefully

Easily add or remove users as seasonal or project-based demand requires. For customers that have peaks and troughs in their headcount, our cloud solution is a perfect fit.

End obsolescence

Don’t buy proprietary technology that is already dated when you first purchase it. Our cloud UC (Unified Communications) solution is updated constantly, often with several feature releases per month, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Multi-site and remote working

Work together in teams, even if you are not physically together. Video calling, presence, instant messaging, calendar integration and conferencing enhance workgroup productivity across multiple locations.

Crystal-clear calling

MyHosted is built for crystal-clear call quality from desk phones and mobiles, so you can rely on it for your local and remote business-critical communications.