Solar-powered CCTV | Stay secure even where Ethernet cables cannot reach

Solar-powered CCTV

Installing a CCTV solution via Ethernet isn’t always possible in remote or hard to reach places. If power and Ethernet cabling isn’t available in your required location and you demand a robust security system, we can deliver solar-powered CCTV cameras as part of our Hikvision offering. Our solar-powered cameras can be installed on a permanent basis for 24/7 monitoring, or as a temporary solution for construction sites, festivals and more.

Front of solar camera by Hikvision

Why go solar-powered?

Building standalone security systems can be challenging for end user system integrators. They are often tasked with purchasing and assembling various parts of equipment themselves, and lots of time is required to design and install a solution where electricity and internet is simply not available. This process regularly results in excessive costs, high power consumption and a complex system that’s unstable and difficult to use. Hikvision’s solar-solar-powered CCTV cameras are easy to use, cost-effective and keep power consumption to a minimum. They are simple to deploy too.

Solar-powered CCTV cameras by Hikvision

Zero network cables required