Thermal imaging cameras | Perimeter protection in any weather condition

Thermal imaging cameras

Two of the most common challenges to overcome when it comes to video surveillance are false alarms and poor image quality, especially in low-light. That’s where thermal imaging cameras come in. Hikvision’s high-performance thermal cameras utilise advanced thermal detectors to capture objects and scenery in almost any weather and lighting condition. They’re the perfect solution for 24/7 perimeter protection.

Why choose Hikvision for your thermal imaging cameras?

Stability is key

Hikvision’s thermal cameras are unfazed by bright, dark, backlit, foggy, smoggy and rainy conditions. They are designed to capture stable video footage 24/7.

Reduce false alarms

Thanks to Hikvision’s integrated GPUs, deep learning algorithms understand when a non-human or non-vehicle object has entered or exited your perimeter, reducing false alarms.

Best of both worlds

Hikvision’s dual-module design means you no longer need to install separate thermal and optical cameras. Bi-Spectrum Fusion technology supplements thermal imagery with optical images to enhance the quality of your video footage.

Bullet series

Hikvision’s bullet series of cameras are commonly used in critical infrastructure, including airports, highways, photovoltaic stations and more. They feature real-time temperature measurement technology, ensuring locations that are pr