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UC software solutions

Being flexible to your requirements, we offer two Unified Communications (UC) packages, UC Smart and UC Suite. Access a variety of UC features, including directories, presence, conferencing, visual voicemail, instant messaging and more, via a number of different Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) clients.

UC Smart

UC Smart is our entry-level UC software solution. It is fully embedded within OpenScape Business and comes with the following UCC features…


Show your availability to your team and specify whether you are in a meeting, on a break, out of the office, or have simply gone home for the day. What’s more, you can forward calls to a mobile handset when you are out of the office.


Conference a colleague into your call for a three-way conversation with your customers.

Directories and favourites

Finding colleagues couldn’t be easier. Simply locate the team member you need by searching through your exchange or LDAP directories and quickly access the colleagues you contact most via a favourites list.

Call journal

View and manage your call history, monitor open call lists and stay on top of customer communications with your call journal.

Call forwarding

If you can’t answer a question or have taken a call meant for one of your colleagues, simply forward the call to a teammate.


Quickly and accurately call any phone number on a website or application by directly clicking on the number.

Visual voicemail

View, monitor and sort your voicemails in Microsoft Outlook. Prioritise the most important messages and improve efficiency when responding.

Instant Messaging (IM)

Contact your colleagues quickly and efficiently with real-time instant messaging.

Web collaboration

Attend meetings (with video capabilities) and collaborate from wherever you are, using any device.

UC Smart clients

The following UC clients are available with our entry-level UC software solution:

• myPortal @work

• myPortal to go

UC Suite

UC Suite is our advanced UC software solution. It comprises all the features and benefits of UC Smart and expands on them, adding a personal auto attendant, a multichannel contact centre, voice recording and additional clients.

Voice recording

Keep a record of important conversations you’ve had, without having to take notes.

Personal auto attendant

Set up a professional customised set of menu options for your callers to follow when your agents can’t be reached or when you’d like callers to contact one of your teams directly.

Mobility – call me!

Direct inbound calls to any device and display your office number when dialling out. All of your calls (including mobile and home calls) will be routed over your corporate network.

Call pop-ups

Get notified on your PC when you receive an inbound call. Have the option to forward a call, record your conversation, send a message to the caller or start a web collaboration session, all with a single click.

Fax mailbox

Thanks to integration with Microsoft Outlook, UC Suite enables you to read inbound faxes from within your groupware and send them with ease.


Create historical reports within the myReports client. Choose from over 100 predefined report templates, all sorted by topics of interest.