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Contact centre

MyHosted Contact Centre is a Windows client that combines call control, instant messaging, system directories and a busy lamp field to enhance your users’ experience. Monitor additional information about your incoming calls and simplify call handling for your workforce.

Improve user efficiency

Featuring an intuitive icon based interface, MyHosted Contact Centre provides point-and-click call control within a familiar desktop environment. Improve workgroup collaboration by bringing your team members closer to each other and by simplifying internal and external communication.

MyHosted Contact Centre is available in three different variants, Lite, Pro and Reception…

Contact centre dashboard

Suitable for both call centre and regular office environments, the contact centre dashboard is a graphical interface that will display incoming and outgoing calls in real time. This provides critical business intelligence and is an essential tool in maximising customer service for inbound callers.

Thresholds & alerts

All queue and agent statistics can be configured with a wide range of colour-based alerts, graphically highlighting any problems that require immediate attention.

Agent gamification

Encourage self-management and competition among agents by using your dashboard as a leaderboard. For example, show the top five agents based on total calls answered.

Configurable stats

Configure and highlight over 50 essential and desirable statistics to monitor across your business.

Contact centre licenses

We have three MyHosted contact centre user licenses for you to choose from…

Supervisor bolt-on

Add supervisor features to your standard or premium contact centre licences.

  • Abandoned Call CLI Capture and Call-Back Assignment

  • Barge into Agent Call

  • Instant Message All Agents

  • Prioritise and Reorder Calls in Queue

  • Remotely Change Agent Presence State

  • Set Thresholds

Contact centre mobile

Contact centre mobile puts advanced office phone features on your mobile. Featuring hold, transfer, conferencing, instant messaging and call recording control, contact centre mobile provides advanced business communication features to knowledge workers on the move. By layering smart-call control options on top, and displaying the status of colleagues, contact centre mobile enhances communications and connectedness for mobile employees.

Visual indication of your
colleagues’ status

Simple buttons to conference
and transfer
Instant message co-workers
from anywhere
Configure preferences to suit
your working model
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