ColorVu technology | 24/7 colourful video surveillance

ColorVu technology

Most crimes occur at night when fewer people are around to witness them take place and criminals can hide their identities under the cover of darkness. To combat this, Hikvision set out to develop a series of CCTV cameras that can produce vibrant and colourful video footage, even in extremely dark situations. The result, ColorVu technology.

Hikvision ColorVu brings colour to your CCTV footage

Capturing video at night

Traditional CCTV systems that solely rely on infrared lighting for recording video at night often don’t encapsulate everything going on in your scene. People, vehicles, and other important objects can appear blurry or get lost in the background. And because video footage is rendered in black and white, important details are often lost entirely. Colour video is much more effective for analysis and monitoring purposes, and ColorVu technology enables you to capture bright and colourful video footage, even in dark scenarios.

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What is ColorVu technology?

As a result of Hikvision’s developments in hardware technologies, advanced lenses and high-performance sensors are the driving force behind their ColorVu cameras’ powerful ability to capture crisp details in low light situations. And with the addition of a supplemental light, our Hikvision ColorVu cameras guarantee colourful surveillance, in even the darkest areas.

Key benefits of ColorVu

Data in true colour
  • Accurate colour rendering

  • Excellent performance in low-light scenarios

Sharp details
  • ColorVu ensures that you capture more colourful and rich details than conventional black and white imaging.

Captivating visuals
  • Balanced brightness

  • F1.0 super aperture and advanced sensor guarantee realistic rendering

Where is ColorVu technology being utilised?

Small business

ColorVu technology makes it easier to monitor restricted areas such as entrances and exits, as well as dimly-lit interior and exterior locations which could be vulnerable to theft or crime. Protect your assets, employees and customers, and boost the sense of security within your business.

Car parks

Car parks are notoriously hard to protect at night as they tend to be in vast, open areas. ColorVu simplifies this with supplemental lighting. By deploying ColorVu cameras in your car park, additional lighting is no longer required. High-resolution footage is captured in full colour, making it easy to identify objects and people.

Public areas

Our Hikvision cameras can be strategically placed to illuminate public areas with poor lighting, where the risk of accidents or incidents occurring is much higher. This could include walkways, parks, play areas and more. By brightening up these areas, the general public will feel much safer.

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