4G & 5G connectivity | Designed for backup connectivity and temporary office locations

4G & 5G connectivity

Our 4G & 5G connectivity offering is the perfect solution for businesses looking for temporary internet access or for a backup connectivity solution. We’ll work with you to understand your unique requirements and provide you with the best hardware and tariffs for your business.

Why choose a 4G & 5G connection?

Backup connectivity

In the unlikely event your business Wi-Fi goes down, rest easy knowing your 4G connection will have you covered.

Fast setup

Our 4G connectivity solutions can be ordered and delivered to your premises within 48 hours.*

Tailored tariffs

Our team of specialists work with you to find the most effective and cost-efficient tariff for your business.

Connectivity on the move

Set up a connection for your workforce at your customer sites or enable internet access at temporary office locations such as construction sites and events. Our 4G & 5G connectivity allows you to create an office wherever you are.

Our fixed internet connections

If you’re looking for fast and stable internet access for your permanent office space, you should consider one of our fixed connections…

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