Management portal | Take control of your MyHosted system

Management portal

Making changes to your cloud UC (Unified Communications) system is as easy as browsing the web with the MyHosted Management Portal. Have full control over your entire system; add and remove users, change hunt group and call centre settings, run reports and more.

Bulk change tools

Make mass changes to your MyHosted system with bulk change tools, regardless of how many users you have.

  • Make changes at both business and site level

  • Add, modify and quarantine users and assign/unassign services

  • Change handset button functions for all users

  • Change outbound CallerIDs for all users

  • Download existing user configurations

Advanced reporting

Analysing your MyHosted system couldn’t be easier. Obtain deep insight into how your system is being used and analyse inbound calling patterns with our comprehensive array of online and downloadable reports. What’s more, automated and scheduled reporting enables you to configure the reports you want, which statistics to include and when to receive them.

Call reporting

Calls are available almost instantaneously within the MyHosted Management Portal. Each leg of the call is tracked so it can be followed around your business, showing any wait time or hold time at each leg.

Heat map reporting

Call centre calls can be overlaid against the time schedule to produce a heat map report, geographically representing peaks and troughs in call patterns.

Auto-attendant reporting

The MyHosted Management Portal shows you exactly how callers are entering the business - find out what options your callers select on your auto attendant.

Call recording

Call recordings are essential for productivity and staff training. Using our advanced and secure recording feature, calls can be accessed in the MyHosted Management Portal almost immediately after a call has been completed.

  • Calls kept in secure and protected storage
  • Recorded calls kept free for 90 days
  • Bulk exporting available
  • Roles and permissions-based access to recorded calls
  • Optional audit log – see who’s accessed your recordings

Wizards & widgets

The elegant interface of the MyHosted Management Portal features configurable dashboard widgets, providing a snapshot of system activity and allowing users to drill into deeper analytics.

Making changes (such as adding a new user) can also be streamlined with wizards.

Automated device setup

Once a device has been configured for a user in the MyHosted Management Portal, it can be connected to the network and will download its profile automatically and securely, greatly simplifying setup for your IT team.

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