Shared data | Share data between thousands of business devices

Shared data

Our shared data tariff is perfect for businesses looking for a flexible, data-only connection. So whether you’re looking to connect 10 handsets or 1000, we’ll build a tariff that will allow you to share up to 1TB of data across your business devices, all from a single lead mobile.

Shared Data Tariff - Business Mobiles

Share data your way

We’ll work with you to build a shared data tariff that meets your business’s unique requirements. By identifying the number of lead handsets you need and selecting suitable data packages, we’ll provide a completely tailored solution. You can also choose your preferred network that will deliver your shared data tariff.

Why choose our shared data tariff?

Share data

Thanks to a wide range of options, our shared data solution works for many business applications. Whether you're looking to share 1TB of data across 10 devices, or 10GB of data across 1000 devices, this tariff accommodates you.

Avoid bill shock

By aggregating data across devices, we reduce the risk of bill shock. With all of your devices sharing data from the same pool, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be charged if one of your devices is overconsuming.

Reduce costs

This tariff has been built for devices that require data-only connectivity, so you won’t pay for unnecessary minutes and SMS. You'll benefit from completely transparent pricing and a shared data solution that's cost-effective for your business.

Our shared data tariff

is suitable for…

  • iPads and tablets

  • Point of sale/chip and pin technology

  • 4G dongles or Mi-Fi devices

  • Fixed devices needing wireless connectivity


Our shared data tariff is widely used across the logistics industry. It’s perfect for wireless devices used by delivery drivers such as PDAs and tablets.

Remote working

Our shared data tariff is perfect for your remote workers’ wireless devices, where fixed line connectivity is limited, unreliable, expensive or slow.

Alternative to ADSL

Our shared data tariff provides your business with cost-effective and reliable internet connectivity as an alternative to fixed line solutions like ADSL broadband.

Leading mobile hardware

We provide the latest and best business mobile handsets to hundreds of businesses across the UK. Choose from one of our handset leasing options, purchase your handsets outright, or bundle them into your monthly tariff. We’ll work with you to find the most suitable model for your business.

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