DuoCall Fraud Awareness Statement

(To be read in conjunction with Standard Terms & Conditions)

DuoCall Communications Limited, as a registered Communications Provider, has no control of a Customer’s PABX/Switch configuration, voice mail security or other feature services enabled, except where it is contractually responsible for the management of these services. DuoCall Communications standard Terms and Conditions require the customer to be liable for all charges incurred, and relating to, traffic passed over any UK network nominated by DuoCall Communications. Customers are therefore urged to verify with their equipment provider that all necessary steps to combat fraudulent use have been taken.

DuoCall Communications do not offer any ‘customised’ fraud monitoring service. However, as a responsible Communications Provider, assistance will be given wherever possible to support its customers in the battle against fraud.

Fraudulent activity manifests itself in many different ways. Therefore, we can offer no guarantee or contractual undertaking in relation to detection.

Any assistance given will be on a ‘reasonable endeavours’ basis and no liability can be accepted by DuoCall Communications for any loss sustained by the Customer via fraudulent means that are beyond DuoCall Communications reasonable control.

Please review the Fraud section of our Standard Terms and Conditions for further information.

We may need to process your data to prevent fraud and money laundering and to verify your identity. For further information about how we process your data, please refer to our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Control Phreak

Active Voice Security

DuoCall Communications can offer additional support to prevent this activity through the Control Phreak system, if you would like further information regarding this product please contact us on 0333 313 5000 or via email on enquiries@duocall.co.uk