Blog | What role does IT and communications play in the hospitality industry?

What role does IT and communications play in the hospitality industry?

Whether you’re a guest streaming TV in your hotel room, or a receptionist answering the phones, IT and communications technology plays an essential role in the hospitality industry. It’s now an absolute necessity for modern hotels to have a good, reliable IT and communications infrastructure.

Here are some of the most common technological systems used by hotels and restaurants:

What are the most disruptive IT and communications problems in the hospitality sector?

No technology is bulletproof, and problems can arise from time to time. As the hospitality sector continues to harness more technologies and systems, it’s important that business owners are prepared for these occasions. This is where MSPs like DuoCall come in. We’re equipped with the resources to not only solve problems when they occur, but deploy systems in order to reduce the risk of these problems from occurring in the first place.

Many technological problems that hotels face aren’t business critical; common obstacles like printer problems, password resets and changes to voicemail greetings are inconvenient, but they won’t cause the hospitality sector to collapse. However, issues that cause downtime and customer complaints need to be addressed as a priority.

Disruption to Wi-Fi and internet connectivity can have a huge impact on your hospitality business. This could happen for a multitude of reasons. There could be a connectivity issue on the fibre line itself or there could be an issue with Wi-Fi saturation. This usually happens when there are too many people using your Wi-Fi network simultaneously, meaning it is unable to support the demand for connectivity. Internet downtime not only upsets paying customers, but your operations can grind to a halt as business critical systems such as payment terminals begin to fail.

When it comes to hospitality IT, most vulnerabilities are a result of human error. Whether it’s a lack of education, a lapse of judgement or a simple mistake, people’s actions can cause security breaches and IT failures. For this reason, educating staff and following the correct security protocols is essential when it comes to protecting hotels and restaurants against security breaches. Other solutions such as email or network security can also be implemented to further reduce vulnerabilities within your hospitality business.

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How can DuoCall support your hospitality IT needs?

How is technology going to help the hospitality industry in the future?

As technology continues to develop, the hospitality industry will benefit from new and emerging IT and communications solutions. We’ve already seen a large amount of streamlining and system changes to current technologies within the sector, and as solutions such as IoT become more integrated in our everyday lives, hospitality businesses will need to adapt to meet the evolving technological needs of their customers. If you’re wanting to read more about IoT in smart buildings and offices, take a look at InfiSIM’s website.

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