Virgin Media Leased line | 30 day cancellation with no upfront costs

Virgin Media Leased line

As a trusted partner of Virgin Media Business (Wholesale), our connectivity offering just got more flexible. If Virgin is already available at your premises and you’re looking to deploy a Leased Line, UltimateFlex could be the perfect connectivity solution for you. All new Virgin Leased Line circuits are now delivered with an off-switch as standard, meaning they now come with an anytime cancellation policy. Find out more about our flexible Leased Line tariffs today…

Virgin Leased Line | Off-switch

Why choose a Virgin Leased Line?

No installation fees

Our UltimateFlex connections are available to all new, on-network circuits, meaning your Virgin Leased Lines can be deployed with no upfront costs whatsoever.

Anytime cancellation policy

Cancel your Virgin UltimateFlex Leased Line service with 30 days notice, without paying any early termination fees (after the first 90 days of service).

Competitive pricing structure

As a trusted partner of Virgin Media Business (Wholesale), we’ve ensured that our UltimateFlex Leased Line offering follows a competitive pricing structure, regardless of which package you choose.

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    Flexible Virgin Leased Line packages

    We understand that different businesses have different connectivity requirements. That’s why we offer 4 packages when it comes to our Virgin Media Leased Lines…

    Virgin Leased Line - 50Mbps
    UltimateFlex 50

    Perfect for businesses looking to reap the benefits of a Leased Line at an affordable price.

    50Mbps upload
    or download
    UltimateFlex 100

    For businesses who need a little more firepower when it comes to upload/download speeds.

    100Mbps upload
    or download
    UltimateFlex 500

    Aimed at fast-growing businesses where scalability and speed are key.

    500Mbps upload
    or download
    Virgin Leased Line - 1000Mbps
    UltimateFlex 1000

    Designed for large enterprises & businesses with highly demanding connectivity requirements.

    1000Mbps upload
    or download

    Benefits of a Virgin Leased Line

    Synchronous & unlimited

    Access and share information between sites in real-time. Choose synchronous upload and download speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps. Our leased line usage is unlimited too.

    High performance

    Our next generation leased lines deliver a fast and consistent connection at all times, supporting your business-critical applications such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol and video conferencing.


    Like all other Ethernet connections leased lines are uncontended; meaning 'peak times' will have no effect on your internet speeds. You'll always get the bandwidth you pay for.

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